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Viva Maris GmbH, a small start-up founded in 2014, is engaged in novel and sustainable nutrition. With Maris Algen Gourmet Products we envision reviving a healthy and unique ancestral food, one that has long been forgotten and overlooked in western culture. But In fact, not so long ago Algae was a part of daily nutrition, consumed for example by sea-farers to avoid nutrient deficiencies.

Algae are a truly unique food, with outstanding characteristics regarding taste, nutrient density, and sustainability. In comparison to conventional vegetables, they contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and fibre. In terms of taste, macroalgae have a lot to offer through their inherent umami flavor profile. Especially important for an ever-expanding world population is the fact that macroalgae are one of very few renewable food sources.

For our algae products we use only unadulterated algae, no extracts, and no microalgae. First and foremost because we think and act with a focus on sustainability and aim to consume fewer natural resources for cultivation and production. Our macroalgae grow either in ocean aquaculture or in the wild and therefore require no valuable resources such as fresh water, energy, etc. Since the macoalgae receive all their nutrients from the sea, it is of utmost importance that we source our macroalgae from growing regions in the upper north Atlantic where waters are to the highest possible extent free from environmental contamination.

Viva Maris products are vegan or vegetarian and produced naturally without any artificial ingredients (flavor enhancers, colourings, preservatives, etc.). They are rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as trace elements such as iodine and selenium, which are essential for the human body.

We work together with nature to offer healthy and environmentally sustainable food products.




The brown alga Saccharina Latissima, also known as sugar kelp, grows in aquacultures on ropes in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Sugar kelp has a yellowish brown colour with a long, narrow, undivided blade that grows in waters 3-5 meters below the surface. Sugar kelp is a good source of minerals, vitamins and protein.

The red alga Palmaria Palmata, commonly known as dulse, is one of the oldest plants on Earth. This seaweed or macroalgae grows wild and natural on north Atlantic coasts, being valued by early celtic cultures for its nutrients and later as a well-known snack food for mariners to get their needed vitamins and minerals during long sailing trips. Dulse is a good source of vitamins and minerals compared to other vegetables, contains many essential trace elements, and has a high protein content.

Algae from the northern Atlantic Ocean enriches your menu. Due to their delicate flavor and their umami taste it can be eaten raw, cooked or roasted and brings colour to your dish. 

Algae are a valuable food addition, because they:
- are low calorie and low fat, 

- have a high concentration of micronutrients,

- essential amino acids,

- and fibre.

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